Asset Recovery

We can help you to recover a substantial amount of your original investment, on used or excess Cisco Aironet products. If your business is going through network upgrades, bankruptcy, merging, or acquiring another business, can help. We have experience working with a wide range of businesses and IT departments, allowing us to provide the highest quality in asset recovery. Our recovery program includes product valuation, purchasing, transportation and shipping, and recycling of used surplus Cisco Aironet equipment. Our team will work with you to produce a clear picture of your asset inventory, and provide maximum value for resale.


Our Retrieval Process 

money_large Direct Purchase– Once you have submitted a contact form, a representative will reach out to you with a composite or itemized purchase estimate for your used or excess Cisco Aironet equipment. When your Aironet product is received, audited and tested, we will issue a payment at the quoted price. We bear all shipping and/or  transport fees, unless unique and respective arrangements are agreed upon.
triangular-arrows-sign-for-recycle_318-61834 Cisco Equipment Recycling – If you asset recovery involves legacy Cisco Aironet equipment that do not seem to be appropriate for re-deployment or have no market value, our team can assist with the disposal of your equipment at very little or no cost to you. provides complete chain-of-custody documentation, as well as a Certificate of Destruction. Further value-added services include data wiping and recycling in conformity with current federal, state and local laws.
screwdriver-wrench_318-27835 Cisco Equipment Testing and Repair – Our team of asset specialists are equipped to completely test your used Cisco equipment, providing you with basic repair and refurbishment services wherever needed. In order to suitably prepare and document your Cisco equipment to help establish asset value, our trained technical staff is well-versed in basic repair, cleaning and testing of most Cisco hardware. All customer identification and asset tags are removed as part of our asset testing process, and your equipment is restored to a factory default state.
vector-shipping-circle-icons Transportation and Logistics – Our asset recovery team will assist you with shipping preparation, as well as provide assistance with customs clearance for international shipments.