Our Process

 12618-verified-contact-vector Step 1
Reach out to one our sales representatives, either through our contact form or call  (585)-406-1928, and we can discuss our straightforward buying process.
Step 2
If you’re accepting a Purchase Quote prepared by your respective representative, just sign and date the appropriate spots on page 1 of your purchase quote document. Purchase quote evaluation is valid for 7 calendar days from date of issuance. If your Purchase Quote has expired, and you still wish to sell equipment to us, please contact your sales representative to refresh your purchase quote. Your CiscoAironet.com representative will confirm your purchase quote via telephone or by email.
free-vector-cardboard-boxes-blank-vector_002225_zxzh2 Step 3
Prepare your item(s) for shipment. Please package your equipment well, using the suitable packaging materials (bubble wrap and “packing peanuts” are acceptable). Make sure there are no empty spaces inside your shipping box. Proper packaging will ensure that your equipment is not damaged in transit. Items that arrive damaged as a result of careless packaging are going to be rejected, and returned at the seller’s expense. If you do not have access to adequate boxes or packaging materials to prepare your item(s) for shipment, please contact your sales representative for assistance in gathering suitable packaging supplies.
Step 4
Once your items are packaged for shipment, merely contact your CiscoAironet.com sales representative via email to let him/her know the number of boxes in the shipment, as well as the approximate weight and size (L x W x H in Inches) of each box.
 480708049 Step 5
Your buyer agent will prepare a prepaid and insured FedEx label for each one of the boxes in your shipment, and will send them to you via email in a printable, PDF document format.  Simply print each label and attach to the outside of each box using packaging tape.
Step 6
Your labeled package can now be dropped off at your nearest FedEx/Kinko’s staffed location. If you do not have a FedEx/Kinko’s location nearby, or you are not able to transport your boxes for drop-off, please contact your CiscoAironet.com representative to arrange for a FedEx pickup at your office-site location. Please allow for a 24-hour lead time for pickup requests.
cropped-ciscoaironet-a-logo.png Step 7
Once your equipment arrives at our facility, it will be received by our warehouse staff and securely inventoried. If your equipment is in “used” condition, it will be tested within 2 business days, and payment will be issued notwithstanding any undisclosed issue, or defect with the equipment. If your equipment is in “new” or “new, open-box” condition, it will be immediately received into inventory and our AP department will be authorized to issue payment (see payment options).Payment options include: company check, cashier’s check, corporate credit card, Paypal or TT Wire Transfer.