Our Services

CiscoAironet.com provides a variety of asset recovery and re-marketing services for sellers of new, used and excess Cisco Aironet hardware. We work with an array of different firm types to assist the management of our client’s Cisco network life-cycles.


  • Cisco Aironet Re-marketing

    • We know how costly IT upgrades are, but there is value to be found in your aging IT equipment. Our re-marketing specialists will examine every aspect of your hardware, define a fair-market value, repackage it, and utilize our business channels to locate the ideal buyer.
  • Cisco Aironet Asset Recovery

    • Does your present strategy incorporate a campus or IT consolidation? Using more effective technologies leads to surplus hardware, and CiscoAironet.com can make your IT transfer simple and secure. We’ll expand your asset’s residual value and free up valuable office space.
  • Cisco Aironet Liquidation

    • Every organization has surplus – assets or inventory no longer required. CiscoAironet.com works with clients to ensure surplus is intelligently transformed from a burden into a opportunity that fuels the achievement of your organization’s current goals.
  • Cisco Aironet Equipment Testing and Repair

    • Each association has excess – resources or inventory are no longer required. CiscoAironet.com works with customers to guarantee surplus is cleverly changed from a burden into an opportunity that helps fuel your association’s future objectives.
  • Cisco Aironet Networking Equipment Valuation and Appraisal

    • CiscoAironet.com provides appraisals of Cisco Aironet equipment and networking hardware across the United States.  We appraise equipment for all types of institutions, ranging from small offices, to enterprise campuses.
  • Cisco Aironet Equipment Recycling

    • Maybe you are looking to get rid of your outdated Access Point, or looking to unload your entire business network. Either way, you’ll never have to worry about your data and information falling into the wrong hands. Our process is completely secure and environmentally conscious.