Trade-In Your Cisco Access Points

Are you currently looking to move on from old, or end of life Cisco Aironet Access Points, and are considering upgrading to a more current model? We can help! can provide you with trade-in credit for your existing Cisco Aironet equipment; we can help you offset some of the cost for a potential upgrade to new Access Points. In addition, we can pre-configure your new access points prior to delivery, providing you with a plug and play hardware.

If you are interested in obtaining a trade-in quote, simply provide us with a few pieces of background information:

  • The Model and Quantity of your Access Point(s), and the ones you would like to upgrade.
  • The time-frame you anticipate for upgrading.

To receive a trade-in proposal, please complete our contact form below and a sales representative will contact you to evaluate your options. We will quickly provide you with a quote, with no shipping costs to you.

Thinking of upgrading your Wireless Network? Get a Trade-In Quote Today!

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